Coveted Morn (2010)

In the want of greater gifts and in the wake of perfection,

desires greater than the desire for them make for effectual succession.

2 thoughts on “Coveted Morn (2010)

  1. Ooooh I really enjoy this couplet. The pairing of two mental states per line is elegant, and though at first they seem to twist one-another up, they actually stand out with clarity once you’ve considered them. The slant rhyme is surprising and pleasing.
    I wonder if the title is a bit dramatic and blunt for such a subtle poem; maybe it’s just me.

  2. Oh no the title is actually quite dramatic, but it’s a line from a rather dramatic poem I wrote shortly before this one, in 2009. I suppose the title was meant to allude to the meaning for the poem. I wish I could speak more to it, but I do recall writing it in a quite eccentric and crazed state of mind. That and it being so long ago.

    That’s the one that inspired this. It’s more incoherent insomniac rambling than poetry, but it is what it is.

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